TINT is a web-based product, created for my Senior Thesis, which allows artists to showcase their pieces available for donation. Buyers will browse the web displayed pieces and get to choose for themselves which piece or pieces they want. They will then select a charity and donate the price of the artwork to the charity via Tint.
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Mobile UI Designs
PTALA Marketing Associate at PTALA, a marketing firm responsible for optimizing media, experiential, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities across over $11 billion worth of real estate and media assets nationally. Read more Worked with major Fortune 500 brands like Coca Cola and Amazon to conduct extensive activations and out of home media campaigns across PTALA's portfolio. Developed and sustained relationships with agencies and clients across the United States. Incubated PTALA/R, a new division of PTALA focusing on utilizing Augmented Reality to allow major brands to reach consumers, and successfully produced a major event at Union Station in Washington, D.C., with the Secretary of Transportation in attendance.
Qualcomm Station Domination at Union Station in Washington, D.C.
PTALA/R Consumer Driven AR Concept with Sponsored Content
History of Union Station Augmented Reality Event

Augmented Clock, seen at the Union Station AR Event and currently on view
OSCAR Media planner with tech startup Oscar Health Insurance. Experienced in transit advertising, I worked directly under the VP of Marketing in allocating $3 million towards ad placement.